Hey there!

My name is Rowena Fernando and I am a Virtual Assistant, Social Media Manager and Business Support service provider and am thrilled to meet you.

I left the big city to chase my dreams and am now remotely based in the beautiful South Devon region. Fully equipped and ready to help you manage your business overflow and save you the stress of social media management by putting to use my passion and energy, teamed with years of organisational and administrative London working experience.

So, What Is a Virtual Assistant?

We hear a lot about Virtual Assistants, yet I must confess. A lot of time when out and about, that old question arises. So, tell me, what do you do for a living? – I’m a Virtual Assistant, hmmm.

I feel to clarify for those who are still unaware, especially in a time with the rise of artificial intelligence. I am not referring to myself as a software agent! Very much a real human being.

A virtual assistant is a remotely based, self-employed resource that supports businesses with a vast range of services (technical, creative, administrative, some even more project-based) from a remote location—acting as an independent contractor.

A lot of people tend to assume that we are all remote PA’s – Yet, it tends to depend on the nature of what we did before setting up our businesses. Or what types of tasks we are good at, and love to do.

As an example; my background was very much administrative and office management based but within creative industries like corporate furniture, interior design and luxury beauty!. I do offer general administrative services packaged up as a remote business support service. Yet, my passion is within social media! Ironically, not for personal use at all – for business, I find it fascinating and can read about it for hours! Perhaps due to being a bit of a tech geek. I have always had an interest in technology and fixing things since young. So, when asked for the first time to help out with social media, I figured out a method that generated results. It gives me great satisfaction helping people who really have no idea nor the headspace to deal with it.

So, what types of task can a VA help me with?

A General VA – Can help with – administration, diary management, email management, etc.

Techy VA’s – Social media management, website design ranging to even web development and marketing etc.

Financial VA’s – Can help with all kinds of finance-related tasks; bookkeeping, invoice handling etc.

Events VA’s – Plan and prepare events for your business; the options are actually endless.

The benefits of working with a Virtual Assistant?

There are many features to consider if new to working with a VA – some include the fact that you only pay for the time used. Retainers can start for as little as 5 hours per month. When working remotely, you would be surprised at how many general admin tasks can be achieved within that time-frame.

For me, I believe the benefits run deeper. It’s about having someone who you know and trusts to be your extra pair of hands. Businesses can suddenly scale, leaving many feeling quite overwhelmed. The old ways of working and processes may no longer be cutting the grain, and in that, it may feel like a midfield finding a solution.

By having your own remote resource brings peace of mind in knowing that you can hand over tasks, clarify a deadline and let them crack on with it and return the work back in the agreed timeframe.

This can relieve so much pressure of trying to stay on top of it all. Whilst giving you back some extra time to put to better use like growing your business or, spending time with the family.

More about Rowena.

I am the creator of RFVA (Rowena Fernando Virtual Assistant). A Virtual Business Support Service for small, self-started business owners.

If you are one of those people, struggling to keep on top of your social media, or all the bits of your business that take up far too much of your time, I can help you gain back hours to your days so that you can focus on the most significant bits.  The bits of your business that need YOU.

Here’s a question to ask yourself and a tip to help you: 

In the last three days, which specific tasks took up your valuable time and prevented you from being productive?  Just identify three tasks – and then you have your answer to where you may need to consider outsourcing.

I am fully equipped and insured to support you and your business. To help you with the technology you need.  To show you how to do things that save you time. To help you market your business the right way with social media and managing your content. To handle the bits that you don’t need to think about.

 I have a wealth of experience and a passion for learning at my fingertips and, I am here to help you get started.

To see how I can help further, or to have a free, initial face to face conversation, head over here to schedule in a chat, or check out my services page here.

If you’re still a bit stuck and don’t know what types of tasks you could benefit from handing over, I have created an inspiration list that may help spark ideas that you can download here. Enjoyed this article?

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