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About Me

Hello! I am Rowena Fernando. I’m a Social Media Specialist and am thrilled to meet you! 

I created the business in 2019 and went full-time in 2020, just before the pandemic! I left 9-5 in London, moved to Torquay in South Devon and started providing creative and organisational virtual assistant services, with social media and SEO admin for small to medium-sized creative business owners. 

As the business grew, the more clients I onboarded, I noticed a pattern in the types of work I was creating. More digital, creative websites and marketing-based projects.

I have always enjoyed tech. Social media had fascinated me since 2015, when I had a skincare blog and observed how bloggers used it effectively to market themselves and grow their credibility. 

I also enjoy website design, SEO, writing and creating an on-brand visual aesthetic design.

Social media provides the perfect fit for my interests and skills. So, during the pandemic, based on what I was currently mostly providing my clients with, I pivoted from a creative VA into a social media specialist and creative that can help you with a new website, a strategy, and a start-up set of content for socials should you require it. 

The digital world is fast evolving, so I’m continually updating my knowledge via courses and social media memberships with monthly educational masterclasses on social media with access to supportive and knowledgeable communities.

Social media is constantly changing. It’s important to be ahead, ready to adapt and tweak strategies where needed.

This kind of professional development is important to me to ensure I’m up to date, aware of all the tricks and can add this value to you and your business. 

To read my story, head over to the blog here: 

Rowena, Social Media Specialist - how does it work?

If you’re wondering what working with me looks like? Here comes a preview…

*It all starts with an enquiry form, which helps you and me determine if we are a good fit. If so, within 24 hours, you will receive an email breaking down my services and packages, with examples of my work. Should it feel good, you will have a link to schedule a 30 min get-to-know-you call in my diary.

* What happens on a discovery call? It’s a 30mins session to get to know each other better, a chance to dig into your goals and determine which services or packages would best support you and your growth.

*From the conversation, I will follow up with a proposal based on the package or services discussed during our call. If you’re raring to go, the next step is complete a digital contract and invoice. Then we roll onto the onboarding process.

*You then receive a series of short onboarding forms to get us set up, access company assets and schedule a kick-off call to plan our strategy session and map out goals.

*I then create a strategy and define the content pillars, posting frequency and content types, all tailored around your goals.

*It all depends on what platforms we’re using to determine the content types; statics or carousel posts, articles for LinkedIn, email marketing should it be within your package, reels, and YouTube shorts are all content types I create often and love.

*All my platform management packages come with engagement, so I will engage with your audience on both an inbound and outbound basis to keep you visible and bring in more profile views.

*Depending on your package, we have monthly check-in calls to check in on our goals and progress to refine to realign should there be new important dates to consider and add to our content plan.

*At the end of the month, I review the data, consider what worked well and use this information to improve our strategy for the best outcomes.

Currently, accepting new clients. If interested, apply via the enquiry form below. 

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