Rowena Fernando

Social Media Specialist

Could you benefit from a Social Media Manager for your business? How would it feel to be more confident using it to market yourself? Have a strategy, a consistent presence and a polished-looking face for your brand with content that speaks to your audience? I offer social media management, the strategy only, design packages and 1:1 power hours to save you tons of time trying to figure it all out on your own.


I am a Social Media Specialist Located in South Devon. 

Hello there! Are you an established creative entrepreneur or a small to mid-sized business looking to reclaim your time to
put back into growing your business, nurturing your customers and spending with your family vs faffing about to keep up with your content creation or online presence?

Being creative, your flow is in creation. That’s where the magic happens! Staying afloat with ever-evolving platform updates and content types, plus being present and online to catch your shoutouts and customer queries, may leave you wanting to bury your phone in a drawer so you can crack on doing what you do best.

Instead of spreading yourself thin, I can help you with social media management and a range of digital services, from power hour 60 min calls to answer any social media-related questions to one-time content creation or repurposing packages to work more efficiently.

If these packages don’t suit you, I would be happy to work out something more bespoke (if you want).



We only get one chance to make a good impression; branding consistency is critical! Let's get your company name and values out there!


Consistently grow your audience by being consistent online. Social Media helps you reach a further and wider audience than without it.


Social media can convert followers into email subscribers Allowing you to nurture your audience more exclusively.


Social Media is a great way to share your expert knowledge and position yourself as their go-to expert. Engage with your audience, share interesting content and build your community online, warming them up to receive your irresistible offers.


I think we all know this by now that people are more likely to buy from companies or individuals that they already follow = know, like & trust.


Drive more visitors to your website and have them learning about you and everything that you offer.



Social media platform management aims to create a consistent, branded strategy and presence that helps promote your company's products or services.

It is the process of creating and maintaining a strategic online presence across different platforms. Adopting a strategic approach by identifying your differentiation factor, identifying your goals, audience demographic and creating consistent content in line with your business's long and short-range goals/ promotions while engaging and being visible to your audience raises awareness of how your services/product or unique values may be a perfect solution for your audience's needs.

Using social media this way ensures an individualised approach. My packages are priced per platform because each platform has a different algorithm, audience demographic, purpose, tools and features available to help better leverage them to stand out from the competition.


When it comes to social media for your business, there is no one size fits all approach. If you would benefit from a quick chat to discuss your goals and tactics, Let’s talk! Send me an email via the button below to arrange and let’s get started. 


What others say

Rehan Uddin
Rehan Uddin@indiyangtorquay
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"One of the best minds in the game! Rowena Fernando Social Media Specialist is relentless in her attention to detail and understanding of my restaurants ethos and my own mindset. Phenomenal professional and an absolute joy to work with."
Stacey Keen
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I wanted to say congrats on an amazing job done & a huge thanks for working on my website and taking all my visions and ideas & making them a reality. Looks amazing & I love it. T e collaboration worked extremely well, and you worked hard to give me what I envisioned. You talked me through aspects I was not so clear on to give me a better understanding of what was needed & where. It was so much fun working with you on this. I enjoyed watching this grow from an idea to a maintained and revolving site. Thank you so much.
Orsi Kovacs
Orsi Kovacs@jumpwithorsi
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''Rowena was a great asset to my marketing campaign. Her ideas and designs were phenomenal. She helped me redesign my logo, create newsletters, rethink my whole product line and much more. Rowena was the perfect team member that anyone could ever wish to have. Easy to get along with, never missed a deadline, attentive and a great support in every aspect. I firmly believe that Rowena will be a great asset to anyone's business.''
Gillian Scott
Gillian Scott
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''Rowena gave us the tools to build our website in the way we wanted. . Rather than bulldoze us into using her ideas as many other companies would, she gently steered us towards our goal. She shared our vision and our belief in the brand. Rowena is a pleasure to work with, delivers consistently good work and a positive attitude. We highly recommend her.''
Ewa Heard
Ewa Heard
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I loved working with Rowena. She is brilliant at what she does. She is very committed and took the time to truly connect and understand my brand and my business' mission. She has been helping me with my Instagram account, and I see a huge improvement. More followers, more engagement and more connections with my ideal clients. I could not thank Rowena enough for her amazing work. If you are looking for a social media specialist, Rowena is your girl. I can't recommend her enough!
Shane O'Flaherty
Shane O'FlahertyO'Flaherty's Dry Cleaning
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"In less than three weeks, Rowena has added structure to our business, got us up on Facebook & Instagram, and is working behind the scenes on our blog. Yes, it's quiet now and a perfect time for getting what you know you need to do. You could not have better in your corner than Rowena…Call her now, and you'll be asking for my number to thank me in a month."