Rowena Fernando


Are you a creative small to a mid-sized business struggling to keep up with your content creation or online presence? I can help you gain back hours to your days so that you can focus on the growth and nurturing bits of your business that need you.


Boost your presence are one-time content creation services that can be used to boost and support your online presence. Set yourself up for success with one-time content creation packages! Or as add-ons to an existing package. 

Perfect when you’re working on a launch or campaign and need a series of blog posts or emails created to support your online marketing.

There are many ways we can help you on a one-time basis to aid what you’ve already got in place.

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Social media platform management aims to create a consistent, branded strategy and presence that helps promote your company’s products or services.

Adopting a strategic approach by identifying your differentiation factor, identifying your goals, audience demographic and creating consistent content in line with your business’s long and short-range goals/ promotions while engaging and being visible to your audience raises awareness of how your services/product or unique values may be a perfect solution for your audience’s needs.

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website design + uk hosting

Have you been thinking about taking the plunge and creating your own Website? Yet it feels like a load of work when sitting down to map it out, so much so that it doesn’t get prioritised because you’re a busy business owner with ten to one other things to be getting on with.

Let’s make your Website dream a reality! 

Our Website design and creation service will take care of the bulky work so you can reap the benefits.

You will have a website that looks great, attracts compliments from your visitors, has better branding, increased online visibility and a place you feel proud to send your social media traffic to.

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‘’In less than three weeks Rowena has added structure to our business, got us up on Facebook & Instagram, and is working behind the scenes on our blog. Yes, it’s quiet now, and a perfect time for getting what you know you need to, done. You could not have better in your corner than Rowena…Call her now and in a month, you'll be asking for my number to thank me’’
''Rowena was a great asset to my marketing campaign. Her ideas and designs were phenomenal. She helped me redesign my logo, create newsletters, rethink my whole product line and much more. Rowena was the perfect team member that anyone could ever wish to have. Easy to get along with, never missed a deadline, attentive and a great support in every aspect. I firmly believe that Rowena will be a great asset to anyone's business.''
''Rowena gave us the tools to build our website in the way we wanted. Rather than bulldoze us into using her ideas as many other companies would, she gently steered us towards our goal. She shared our vision and our belief in the brand. Rowena is a pleasure to work with, delivers consistently good work and a positive attitude. We highly recommend her.''
Rowena is a joy to know both personally & professionally. We met as co-bloggers – I asked her to be a guest blogger on my site when she asked me for blogging tips. That partnership grew into a friendship which led to both of us growing in our careers. I became a Life & Career coach and her a Virtual Assistant. Rowena’s transition into this new venture couldn’t come at a better time b/c I needed help with expanding my brand. Her experience as a VA allowed her to provide me with tips on how to re-do my website & expand my brand., She builds TRUE relationships with her clients. You will not regret using her services.