What is a Voxer Day?

Voxer Day is like having your own social media pro for a day!

It is a unique way to get the help you need as you progress. Whether assisting you with your social media content creation, troubleshooting a technical implementation issue, or searching for additional resources, Voxer Day has you covered.

You get access to me during 10-3 PM for all the support you need at your fingertips.

Why spend are days trying to figure out how to solve something when a Voxer Day could help you power through in no time?

Picture it as having a social media assistant who can speak on the go to your voice messages and guide you through.

Please submit an enquiry to share details about your project and requirements or request a copy of my pricelist. 

Who is this for?

  • You want to know how to do something yourself so you have the knowledge and ability to crack on with confidence for your online presence.
  • You need support quickly, someone on hand for a day to answer and help with your social media or implementation-related questions.
  • You had a power hour call and would like my support as you implement what we discussed.

Power-Up Options are available 



‘’In less than three weeks Rowena has added structure to our business, got us up on Facebook & Instagram, and is working behind the scenes on our blog. Yes, it’s quiet now, and a perfect time for getting what you know you need to, done. You could not have better in your corner than Rowena…Call her now and in a month, you'll be asking for my number to thank me’’
''Rowena was a great asset to my marketing campaign. Her ideas and designs were phenomenal. She helped me redesign my logo, create newsletters, rethink my whole product line and much more. Rowena was the perfect team member that anyone could ever wish to have. Easy to get along with, never missed a deadline, attentive and a great support in every aspect. I firmly believe that Rowena will be a great asset to anyone's business.''
''Rowena gave us the tools to build our website in the way we wanted. Rather than bulldoze us into using her ideas as many other companies would, she gently steered us towards our goal. She shared our vision and our belief in the brand. Rowena is a pleasure to work with, delivers consistently good work and a positive attitude. We highly recommend her.''
Rowena is a joy to know both personally & professionally. We met as co-bloggers – I asked her to be a guest blogger on my site when she asked me for blogging tips. That partnership grew into a friendship which led to both of us growing in our careers. I became a Life & Career coach and her a Virtual Assistant. Rowena’s transition into this new venture couldn’t come at a better time b/c I needed help with expanding my brand. Her experience as a VA allowed her to provide me with tips on how to re-do my website & expand my brand., She builds TRUE relationships with her clients. You will not regret using her services.