Rowena Fernando


Who is it for?

Are you an established creative entrepreneur or a small to mid-sized business looking to reclaim your time to put back into growing your business, nurturing your customers and spending with your family vs faffing about to keep up with your content creation or online presence?

You might not get social media nor have the time to figure it out, stay up to date with all the latest updates or changes, let alone create, post and engage online.

You have an established business, understand and know your audience, and want to level up with a consistent online presence that keeps you visible above the competition and actively engages with your audience.

Being creative, your flow is in creation. That’s where the magic happens! Staying afloat with ever-evolving platform updates and content types, plus being present and online to catch your shoutouts and customer queries, may leave you wanting to bury your phone in a drawer so you can crack on doing what you do best.

Enjoy more time to switch off and enjoy vs constantly being on social media. 


Download my pricelist or send me your enquiry form:

If you download my pricelist, there’s an option to boo a 15min telephone call to chat over your package of interest.

If you prefer, send me your enquiry via the button below to help you and me determine if we are a good fit.

Within 24 hours, you will receive an email with a link to my pricelist and portfolio with examples of my work.

Should it feel good, you can schedule a 15min telephone call in my diary. If that sounds good or you’d like to run over details, we can have a discovery call to go a little deeper and ensure your selection is the best solution for you. 

What happens on a discovery call?

  • It’s a 30mins session to get to know each other better, a chance to dig into your goals and determine which services or packages would best support you and your growth.
  • From the conversation, I followed up with a proposal based on the package or services discussed during our call. If you’re raring to go, the next step is to complete your digital contract and invoice.

Then we roll onto the onboarding process.

  • You receive a series of short onboarding forms to get us set up, access company assets, and schedule a kick-off call to plan our strategy session and map out goals.
  • I then create a strategy and define the content pillars, posting frequency and content types tailored around your goals, tone of voice and audience.
  • What platforms you choose determines the content types; statics or carousel posts, articles for LinkedIn, and email marketing to support should it align with your goals. Instagram Reels and YouTube shorts are all content types I create often and love.
  • All my platform management packages come with engagement, meaning I will engage with your audience on both an inbound and outbound basis to keep you visible and bring in more profile views.
  • Depending on your package, we have monthly check-in calls to check in on our goals and progress to refine to realign should there be new important dates to consider and add to our content plan.
  • At the end of the month, I review the data, consider what worked well and use this information to tweak our strategy for the best outcomes.

Currently, accepting new clients. If interested, please apply via the enquiry form below or download a copy of my pricelist.

platforms available

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Google My Business
  • YouTube
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter

For a custom quote for your business, please submit an enquiry form. 


Social media presence packages are just the ticket for small business owners who need someone to keep their online presence going without an overwhelming amount of work.

You can focus on engaging with your customers, building relationships and taking care of leads – but still have someone create and schedule posts tailored to your goals, meaning you can keep up with larger competitors without investing a ton of time or resources.

So let us do the heavy lifting while you engage and nurture those customers!

What do you get?

2X platforms example, Facebook and Instagram:

A lightweight package that is centred around content creation. Get in touch to get a personalised proposal or a copy of my pricelist.


  • Additional engagement
  • Individual Email Marketing email
  • Bundle of 4 email marketing emails
  • An individual blog for your website
  • Bundle of 4 blogs for a website

Please download my pricelist, and when you are ready to, let’s chat about your bespoke requirements.



We only get one chance to make a good impression; branding consistency is critical! Let's get your company name and values out there!


Consistently grow your audience by being consistent online. Social Media helps you reach a further and wider audience than without it.


Social media can convert followers into email subscribers Allowing you to nurture your audience more exclusively.


Social Media is a great way to share your expert knowledge and position yourself as their go-to expert. Engage with your audience, share interesting content and build your community online, warming them up to receive your irresistible offers.


I think we all know this by now that people are more likely to buy from companies or individuals that they already follow = know, like & trust.


Drive more visitors to your website and have them learning about you and everything that you offer.