Do You really need a CRM System?

Are you someone who grew your business from the ground without the need for a CRM system?

But now the business has steadily grown, things are getting messy, and the back-end, client management processes are a little all over?

Something surprises me is that too many smaller businesses do not use any CRM system (Customer Relation Management) software.

Tut, tut!

Come on. Could this be why you feel resistance to the administrative processes?

I understand depending on the type of business you have & what stage you are at, an all-singing, and dancing tool may not always fit the budget.

Nor is it always entirely necessary.

But consider this.

Are you struggling to stay on top of leads?

? Losing clients for lack of following up?

? Do you have no real process in place to quickly grab, acknowledge & follow up on enquiries?

? Are you starting to feel drained?

? Do you find you spend a lot of time writing the same types of emails, proposals and so on?

Sound familiar?

Could it be that you lack processes in your business?

Many tools can help you aid the process.

I admit it. Shiny things syndrome got me! I saw Dubsado a CRM software that has an amazing automation capacity much before I truly needed it and jumped in.

Despite a little premature, it’s made my life so much easier as a Social Media VA. I work by proposals. There are so many variables business to business.

Using a tool like Dubsado means I can design & save beautiful templates, put them into a sequence, and then automate it as part of a proposal/on boarding process.

By using a tool like Dubsado means I can design & save beautiful templates, put them into a sequence then automate them as part of a proposal/onboarding process.

All you need to do is edit the project details, project name and specifics into your template.

Quick, simple, easy and it feels professional.

The settings per template allow you to link them together with smart bits of code.

To accept the proposal it’s literally at the click of a button, you accept, an invoice & terms of service are sent, the on boarding process begins.

Quick, simple, easy, and it feels professional.

What is Dubsado CRM system tool?

However, your CRM doesn’t need to be all singing and dancing.

Are you a new business owner or a new entrepreneur?

A simple Excel spreadsheet would do, teamed with a contract, invoice, proposal & email template ready to copy, paste and acknowledge all queries that fly in through your inbox.

From an organisational perspective, I strongly believe that to grow a successful business that prevents overwhelm; there must be processes to track & follow up on your leads.

If you don’t record your customers, how do you track your leads and follow up?

Unless you have an extraordinary brain that, can remember everything, chances are you could be feeling exhausted?

There are so many tools out there these days. Not all come with a massive price tag. The pain factor is in the initial set up of any system, be it a CRM or an Excel spreadsheet.

The inputting of data, formatting and getting your head around it does take time. Still, the long-term, time-saving benefits are so huge, not to mention the sense of control you feel because when you need to backtrack or dig out specific information, you have a central place to do so and will be triggered to track and follow up on your leads.

Are you looking for a Social Media & Tech VA who will highlight the gaps & work alongside you?

Help organise your processes and keep you on top of your game, so you need not drown in it all?

Do you want to be out doing what you do best in your business?

If you have any questions and would like to discuss your business, let’s have a free 30 min get to know you chat.

Transparency; As a Dubsado user, I have an affiliate link which means if you would like to save 20% off an annual plan or your first month’s subscription, you can do so by using this link. If you do, I make a small commission and in no way have my words in this blog post been influenced by this. I love using Dubsado for my business and recommend it to anyone, with or without an affiliate link.