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7 Top Tips – Social Media Simplification – To Save Small Business Owners Time.

Social Media is an area many small businesses struggle with and can be a significant headspace issue! As a Virtual Assistant myself, I understand how Social Media can play on your mind, especially if you’re trying to grow your audience, show up, add value and be consistent all the time.

Firstly, Social Media can often leave many feeling overwhelmed or confused. That alone can negatively impact your desire to create the engaging, value-driven content as you may feel you don’t have time or headspace and get stuck on creating compelling content ideas?

Secondly, social media can also be a time labouring task, especially when you have don’t have a plan or strategy. You may not feel your posts aren’t reaching anyone which can effectively take your attention away from all those fantastic packages or pieces that you’ve been working on for your clients.

However, social media doesn’t have to be something that holds you back. By using the following tips, you’ll learn how to plan & schedule your content and free up your precious time leaving you free to focus on the larger goals for at least a few weeks so, if you’re ready to get started.

Here’s my Top Seven Tips to Simplify Social Media

Tip #1: Research – Who Are You Addressing?

One of the best tips I have for content creation for Social Media is first to do the research; we have to be crystal clear in who we are talking to before we can speak the right language.

Who are your ideal clients? Where are they hanging out online? Which platforms are they using and what types of content are they engaging and interacting with? If you are unsure, market research using sites like Survey Monkey, or Google Forms are excellent to create quick surveys to email out to former or current clients. Tip. You could try posting poll questions in Facebook groups to conduct research where your ideal audience hangs out too.

Hashtag research should fall into this process too – did you know that you can search hashtags on Instagram? Go on, give it a go now; *this subject is a topic for a whole other post.

Tip #2: Plan Ahead

Another great tip is to pre-plan your content; there are many social media planners available to help us plan. Think about your month ahead; what services, content or offers are you working on? Are you attending any industry-specific events or talks? Note them down and work around filling the gaps.

Think about services or products that you offer and fill the gaps with a couple of service awareness posts. Or special days that may be coming up such, e.g. Easter, Mother’s Day, International Women’s Day, and you could even show the world any projects/tasks that you are currently working on.

Like most things, when you break a more significant task, into smaller tasks, you then start to see the light at the end of the tunnel. You will begin to get into your content flow. If not, consider moving to a different part of the house, or working from a café once a sense of regular returns.

Note. If you do pre-plan and auto-schedule your content, do be sure to check back over before it goes out in case some aspects are no longer relevant to the date.

Tip #3: Branding Consistency

One thing I know that has helped many small businesses consistent branding across all Social Media visuals. Your brand and your message are vital players here so if you have green in your branding, but your social feeds are a plethora of colours of the rainbow, with a mix of all types of fonts, what kind of message does that tell people about you and your business? Does it make it easy for your potential audience to connect that it is you when they see these visuals? Keep it simple and easy for people to identify your business and your brand.

Tip #4: High-Quality Visuals

When it comes to the graphics, a lot of business owners can feel overwhelmed that they are not creative etc. If you are one of these ‘non-creatives’ have you checked out a tool called Canva? Go and check it out; in my opinion, this is the best free graphic design software that there is. I love how easy it is to use and will help save tons of time by allowing you to use templates, all you need to do is customise them to your branding colours and fonts, quickly and easily without needing to be a professional designer.  

You may even find you have a knack for it and if so, I love playing around with the elements and adding to a template to make it my own.

Tip #5: Automation, Baby!

My final tip for simplifying Social Media is to find a scheduling tool that you love and use it! Doing so helps keep a schedule & allow you pre-plan & organise your content, committing a little time to load it all on to your automation tool & then boom! You can sit back and relax, knowing that your content is good to go and automated until the end of the week/month. 

Examples of automation tools are Later & Hootsuite to name a couple, with such automation tools, they can provide useful insights, hashtag suggestions and neat little tools to save you extra time and give an extra layer of insight.

Social Media can be a big issue for small business owners. Stealing time, headspace and bringing a load of confusion. Using social media doesn’t have to be complicated. By following the simple tips above, you have learnt that planning, automating & creating on-brand, high-quality visuals all play as part in solving it. 

By giving you my top tips for social media simplification above, you now have seven ways to tackle your social media woes, so why not make a commitment and pick one to implement today!

Or, if you would instead handover the social media aspects so you can your time, energy & passion into creating winning services, packages or offers for your clients, then why not book a consultation call with me and let’s talk! 

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