Do you struggle to understand which platforms are best suited for your business?

It comes down to knowing who your ideal client or customer is. Starting with the basics, the locality, age range, profession and so on, this helps narrow the options, eliminating certain platforms.

You can read more about how the main platforms work :

Google offers a free, online service to help promote local businesses to manage their online presence & help companies stand out. ⁠

I think it is fair to say in the fast-paced world we live, simply keeping up with the everyday demands of running a business, teamed with general life, can have you feeling exhausted.

Let alone the up keep of a consistent social media schedule & engaging with your audience.

For any small business owner, this at times may feel overwhelming.

You’re not alone!

Choosing the best platform to market yourself on is a difficult decision to make

You don’t want to invest all your time and energy into a platform where none of your ideal clients is on.

Why Should You Use Google My Business?

Google’s My Business tool provides many benefits for locally based, smaller businesses targeting clients within a specific locality.

Online service-based businesses benefit too if looking for more visibility within the local area.

google my business for your local biz.

Boosting Your Online Visibility

With Google’s Chrome being one of the most popular browsers, the chances are high of new audiences discovering your local business while browsing for something similar online in the area on the map. ⁠

I read an article online at that explains the benefits of local Pack Listings for small businesses very well & inspired this blog. ⁠You can read it here:

The next time you’re searching Google for any local service, pay attention!

Why Should You Use Google My Business for your business?

Map Listings! What’s that?

If you use Google as a search engine, you’ll have noticed, at one time or another while searching for services.

Depending on your view (Top or to the side). There’s a map displayed with pinned highlighted businesses in the search vicinity.

Underneath that map is a list of those top & other smaller businesses within the same search categories or keywords. 

 Why is this good?

You are providing all the golden information for a potential customer to browse.

It is good because, before we buy, we look for reassurance. On most occasions, we trust more what others share about their experiences over any service guarantees.

 What impression do you feel when you visit a potential new service providers website?

Does it look professional? Does it make you feel it’s what you’re looking for?

Keeping an up to date & complete GMB profile can help you drive traffic to your website & increase your businesses visibility. Exposing you to a potentially new & larger audience, allowing new people to discover the amazing gifts you have to offer this world.

Reviews, opening times, pricelists, contact information and website details are all available to view = making it easy for new customers to learn more. ⁠

Reviews are Power!

The best bit is how easy Google makes it for customers to leave them for you!

The more reviews, the better your SEO (search engine optimization) while being the ultimate way to grow credibility and trust.

We all know the power a bad review can have on any business.

We tend to listen to the views of others over any service guarantees to weigh-up our buying decisions.

Suppose you are looking for a new yoga studio and see one in your town with a trail of one-star reviews & negative comments. Compared to a similar studio with mostly 5-star reviews, an updated profile with an easy way to contact them.

Who would you choose? ⁠

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