My name is Rowena Fernando, and I am a Virtual Assistant, Social Media Manager and Business Support service provider and am thrilled to meet you. 

I left the city to follow my dream, and am now based in the beautiful South Devon region. Fully equipped and on hand to help you manage the business overflow, save you the stress of social media management by putting to use my passion and energy combined with years of organisational and administrative London working experience.

How To Create Structure In Your Day-to-Day?

When it comes to the daily running of a business, there are often many different hats we need to wear. It’s too easy to crack on, and tackle tasks in a reactive way to get them done quickly.

But staying organised is critical for both your sanity and for the quality of work produced. Here are five tips for staying organised by breaking down tasks into chunks and allocating time clusters.

Even if jobs are pencilled in as a rough guide, mentally when sitting at the desk, we know where and how to divide up the workflow which can help keep things in order.

Here Are Five Tips To Creating Structure In Your Working Day.

Creating structure in the working day  Virtual Assistant

1. Plan out the day before diving in – Look at the workload, understand the deadlines and then organise the workflow against the time available to handle it. I like to divide each day by AM/PM and by the highest priority.

2. Are you using your calendar for your workload? One trick I find useful is to add all of my tasks on the calendar, and then colour code them by project, category or importance? Have you tried this? If not, give it a go, using the same colour for similar jobs, e.g. Green for social media, red for time-sensitive etc.

3. Be consistent, if you have blocked out time for essential tasks do try your absolute best to stick to the schedule as much as possible. Schedule the more flexible for later, or even the next day if you can.

4. Make time for a break! Yep, this can feel counterintuitive when you’re up against deadlines! Yes, you are a keyboard warrior, but you’ll feel so much more centred and productive with fresh eyes upon return.

5. Have a plan for tomorrow before the end of the day. Remember to check the calendar as to be aware of the general overview for the next few days/week. What might be likely to follow through and potentially add to the current workload? Plan time to focus on and then clear those pressing tasks. By doing this, we also know where there may be any gaps in the workflow too.

More About Rowena Fernando

I am Rowena the creator of RFVA, a virtual business support service for small self-started business owners and I hope that some part of this article has helped you.

If you’re struggling to stay on top of your social media content or business overflow? I can help you gain back hours to your days enabling you to focus on higher priorities.

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