How does a restaurant position itself for success?

This November, I was asked to participate in a roundtable event on an expert panel to share tips on social media with a wonderful local  client, chef-patron Rehan, of Bombay Express Torquay.

Since the start of this year, we have been working together through his direct connection to the hospitality network. I have learned much about the sector, including how they have been directly affected by the pandemic.

The talk was for ARON (which is the Asian Restaurant Owners Network). Sponsored by Rational, the providers of impressive kitchen tech that consistently delivers high-quality dishes for restaurant owners reduce the number of hands required in kitchens, freeing up resources and time, consistent

Times are changing!

Chef Parton Rehan, the MD for the network, has much valuable insight into the industry’s future.

The landscape is changing all the time, from working alongside Rehan the past year. I’ve seen just how much the pandemic impacted hospitality.

Staff shortages due to self-isolation, production delays, supply issues, price increases, so many aspects. I’m sure this affects many other industries too.

There’s much in change since the pandemic. Living in a smaller community now, it’s different. I see the impact on the local economy and businesses, yet we are lucky down south because of an amazingly vibrant business community supporting one another.

For the roundtable event, I was asked to provide tips for restaurants or smaller takeaways on how to position themselves and stand out online in these times.

We talked about an understanding of your local area, audience, value separation factors and opportunities that may be available to them depending on locality, values, community.

The panel provided tons of insight and great information for any restaurant or takeaway business to ponder.


The future appears to be in tech improving systems, processes. Efficiency and utilising marketing opportunities that are available to you, including social media.  

he tips shared could benefit many other industries despite being targeted to help small restaurants and takeaways.


When it comes to social media for your business, there is no one size fits all approach. If you would benefit from a quick chat to discuss your goals and tactics, Let’s talk! Book a slot in my calendar using the below button, or let me know if you need a different date/time.

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