Plan Your Social Media Content: Stay Consistent, Save Time

Social media has become a challenge for many business owners.

Whether it’s Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook, keeping up with the demands of a consistent social media presence can be overwhelming and time-consuming.

Consistency is key when it comes to staying engaged with your audience, but it’s sometimes a case of easier said than done.

Planning ahead can make all the difference if you’re struggling to stay consistent with your social media content.

As a social media pro, I know how planning is essential to success.

You stay ahead of the game by creating a content calendar in advance.

One of the challenges business owners face, particularly those with multiple social accounts, is a lack of time.

By delegating your social media content, you can free up loads of your time to tackle other tasks, like running your business. And, if you find yourself posting randomly or five times one day, then nothing for two weeks; using a content calendar will help keep your posts organised while saving time and promoting consistency.

Once you have identified your social media goals, it's time to strategize your content.

You’ll need to plan a theme, identify the type of posts you’ll be making, and outline how they should look.

Consider things like tone of voice, brand colours and imagery; starting with a plan and sticking to it can achieve a much more cohesive and well-presented social media presence.

When you plan your content this way, you can easily schedule your posts in advance.

Many free tools like Publer and Later Media offer free plans, and I believe Metricool also has a free option. Just know that the options will be limited vs a paid option, but either way, using one can save you loads of time by scheduling all your social media posts simultaneously.

And since the scheduling system is automated, you won’t have to worry about logging on and starting from scratch each time you need to post.

Just don’t post and ghost. Always be on the platform when your posts are due to go live so you can catch comments and engage with your audience or even find a few new faces to liaise with.

Pre-scheduling content allows you to better monitor your account, respond to opportunities as they arise quickly, and track engagement to identify which content strikes a chord with your audience the most to guide you where you can even repurpose those posts.

It’s important to remember that creating content in advance is a time-saver and a lot easier for your mental headspace.

Instead of feeling frenzied, rushed, and under pressure to keep up with your social media accounts, you can relax in the knowledge that your content is solidly in place.

The organisation will lead to a much more consistent social presence and ensure you project your business’s best version.

Once you have identified your social media goals, it's time to strategize your content.

By creating a social media content calendar, you can promote consistency, save time, and stay ahead of the game.

As a social media manager, I know the importance of being strategic and well-organised. Planning your content ahead of time will give you the structure you need to keep your social media presence engaging and successful.

So, plan your content and enjoy the benefits of a consistent, flexible, and well-organised social media presence.

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